The Artist 2011

An egomaniacal film star develops a relationship with a young dancer against the backdrop of Hollywood's silent era.

All Titles
  • FR: The Artist The Artist
  • AR: El artista El artista
  • BR: O Artista O Artista
  • BG: Артистът Артистът
  • CA: L'artiste L'artiste
  • CL: El artista El artista
  • CO: El artista El artista
  • HR: Umjetnik Umjetnik
  • CZ: Umelec Umelec
  • EE: Artist Artist
  • GR: The Artist The Artist
  • HU: A némafilmes A némafilmes
  • IL: Ha'artist Ha'artist
  • JP: Artist Artist
  • LT: Artistas Artistas
  • MX: El artista El artista
  • PE: El artista El artista
  • PL: Artysta Artysta
  • PT: O Artista O Artista
  • RO: Artistul Artistul
  • RU: Артист Артист
  • RS: Glumac Glumac
  • SI: Umetnik Umetnik
  • FR: El artista El artista
  • TR: Artist Artist
  • UA: Артист Артист
  • US: Beauty Spot Beauty Spot
  • US: The Artist The Artist
  • UY: El artista El artista
  • VN: Nghe si Nghe si
Directed by Michel Hazanavicius show all movies of Michel Hazanavicius
Artists James Cromwell
as Clifton
John Goodman
as Al Zimmer
Malcolm McDowell
as The Butler
Release date 20 Jan 2012
Genre Comedy Drama Romance
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