Monuments Men 2014

An unlikely World War II platoon is tasked to rescue art masterpieces from Nazi thieves and return them to their owners.

All Titles
  • US: The Monuments Men The Monuments Men
  • AR: Operación Monumento Operación Monumento
  • BR: Caçadores de Obras-Primas Caçadores de Obras-Primas
  • BG: Пазители на наследството Пазители на наследството
  • CA: Les Monuments Men Les Monuments Men
  • CA: The Monuments Men The Monuments Men
  • CL: Operación monumento Operación monumento
  • HR: Odred za baštinu Odred za baštinu
  • CZ: Památkári Památkári
  • DK: Monumenternes mænd Monumenternes mænd
  • EE: Monumendimehed Monumendimehed
  • FR: Monuments Men Monuments Men
  • DE: Monuments Men: Ungewöhnliche Helden Monuments Men: Ungewöhnliche Helden
  • GR: Mnimeion andres Mnimeion andres
  • GR: Μνημείων άνδρες Μνημείων άνδρες
  • HU: Műkincsvadászok Műkincsvadászok
  • IL: Tza'yadei ha'otzarot Tza'yadei ha'otzarot
  • IT: Monuments Men Monuments Men
  • JP: Michelangelo Project Michelangelo Project
  • LV: Relikviju Mednieki Relikviju Mednieki
  • LT: Brangenybiu medžiotojai Brangenybiu medžiotojai
  • MX: Operación Monumento Operación Monumento
  • PE: Operación Monumento Operación Monumento
  • PL: Obrońcy skarbów Obrońcy skarbów
  • PT: The Monuments Men - Os Caçadores de Tesouros The Monuments Men - Os Caçadores de Tesouros
  • RO: Eroii Monumentelor Eroii Monumentelor
  • RU: Охотники за сокровищами Охотники за сокровищами
  • RS: Operacija: Čuvari nasleđa Operacija: Čuvari nasleđa
  • SK: Pamiatkári Pamiatkári
  • SI: Varuhi zapuščine Varuhi zapuščine
  • TR: Hazine Avcilari Hazine Avcilari
  • UA: Мисливцi за скарбами Мисливцi за скарбами
  • UY: Operación Monumento Operación Monumento
  • VN: Kho Báu Bi Dánh Cap Kho Báu Bi Dánh Cap
Directed by George Clooney show all movies of George Clooney
Artists George Clooney
as Frank Stokes
Bill Murray
as Richard Campbell
Matt Damon
as James Granger
Release date 07 Feb 2014
Genre Comedy Drama History War
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