Los ojos del gato 1985

A stray cat is the linking element of three tales of suspense and horror.

All Titles
  • US: Cat's Eye Cat's Eye
  • AR: Los ojos del gato Los ojos del gato
  • AU: Stephen King's Cat's Eye Stephen King's Cat's Eye
  • BR: Olhos de Gato Olhos de Gato
  • BG: Окото на котката Окото на котката
  • FI: Djävulens ögon Djävulens ögon
  • FI: Paholaisen silmät Paholaisen silmät
  • FR: Cat's Eye Cat's Eye
  • DE: KatzenAuge KatzenAuge
  • GR: To mati tis gatas To mati tis gatas
  • GR: Το μάτι της γάτας Το μάτι της γάτας
  • HU: Macskaszem Macskaszem
  • IT: L'occhio del gatto L'occhio del gatto
  • LT: Kates akis Kates akis
  • MX: El ojo del gato El ojo del gato
  • PL: Oko kota Oko kota
  • PT: A Força do Mal A Força do Mal
  • RS: Mačije oko Mačije oko
  • US: Кошачий глаз Кошачий глаз
  • UA: Котяче око Котяче око
  • US: Quitters, Inc. Quitters, Inc.
  • US: The Ledge The Ledge
  • US: General General
  • US: Katzen-Auge Katzen-Auge
  • US: KatzenAuge KatzenAuge
  • US: Stephen Kings Katzenauge Stephen Kings Katzenauge
  • : Stephen King's Cat's Eye Stephen King's Cat's Eye
Directed by Lewis Teague
Artists Drew Barrymore
as Our Girl / Amanda
James Woods
as Dick Morrison
Charles S. Dutton
as Dom (as Charles Dutton)
Release date 12 Apr 1985
Genre Comedy Horror Thriller
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